Eyelash Serum

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  • Longer Fuller Lashes – Amino acid, lipid and vitamin E complex for stunning lashes.
  • 90 Day Supply – A huge 14ml. Over four times more than other serums.
  • Hypoallergenic & pH 5.5 Balanced – Perfect for normal and sensitive skin.
  • 100% Vegan & Natural – Just the good stuff.
  • Cruelty-Free – No animal testing. Nope. Never ever.
  • Carbon Negative x20 – 10kg/CO2 offset for a carbon footprint of *476g/ CO2.
  • No Parabens – No nasty surprises.
  • UK Made – Fully formulated and made in the UK with premium ingredients.
  • Free UK Shipping - Get your Eyelash Serum fast and fuss-free.
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Superlings Eyelash Serum works by giving your eyelashes the deep nourishment and conditioning required for each individual eyelash to reach its stunning natural potential and maximum length.

We’ve blended premium Argan, Castor, Jojoba and Tamanu oils, and a few other little superstar ingredients, to load our serum with the absolute best follicle food nature has to offer. With each daily application you’ll be feeding your lashes with our essential amino acid, lipid and vitamin E complex, expertly formulated for longer, fuller lashes.

We’re not interested in making anything our Superlings wouldn’t be proud of, so our serum is packed with all the good stuff and none of the bad. It’s UK made to be 100% vegan and animal cruelty free with no nasty parabens or mineral oils.

And on top of being kind to your lashes, we’re also super kind to mother nature. We give back way more than we take, by not just being carbon neutral, but by being carbon negative. Your tube of eyelash serum has a carbon footprint under *476g/CO2, but we offset more than x20 that amount with a whopping 10kg/CO2 of Gold Standard® monitored carbon offsets for each tube of Superlings serum. Additionally, as a company, we also commission the planting of a tree every day in protected forests around the world. We’re doing this to help rewild our beautiful planet, create new habitats and soak up some extra carbon. We could, so we did.

But don’t forget, what’s good for mother nature is also good for you. This tube of serum is a 90 days supply. 14ml of Superlings serum is way more than the industry standard 30 day, 3ml supply, meaning you only use 4 tubes a year, not 12. That means less packaging, less shipping, and the environment thanks you for that. We’d rather do the right things to impress you so you tell your Superling friends about us. So, you know…..let them know!  

And always remember this… you’re a Superling. You were born that way. You were already good enough, smart enough and beautiful enough before we showed up. We’re just along for the ride to help you be whatever you decided you were always going to be.


*47.6g actual carbon footprint estimate. We declare a value multiplied by x10 so we’re never guilty of underestimating our obligation to the planet. See here for more in-depth info on our environmental stance.



Ingredients: castor oil (ricinus communis), kukui nut oil (aleurites moluccana), pomegranate oil (punica granatum), raspberry seed oil (rubus idaeus), argan oil (argania spinosa), borage oil (borago officinalis), jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), squalane, baobab oil (adansonia digitata), tamanu oil (calophyllum inophyllum), sunflower seed oil (helianthus annuus), rosemary oil (rosmarinus officinalis)

Warnings: For external use only. Test on a small area of skin over 24 hours before using thoroughly. Keep out of reach of children. Store upright in a cool and dry area out of direct sunlight.

Application Instructions: If you wear contact lenses, be sure to carefully remove and store them before you apply any serum. You can re-insert your contact lenses 15 minutes after you have applied the serum.

Cleanse your face. Use a gentle cleanser and warm water to wash your face before applying any products onto your lashes. Make sure your face and eyes are clean and free of dirt, oil, and make-up. A clean surface will allow the serum to better adhere to your lash line.

Remove the serum applicator brush from the bottle. Work the product through your upper and lower eyelashes. Begin at the base of your lash line, and wiggle the wand in an upward motion to completely coat each eyelash.

Blot away excess serum with a tissue. Since the serum promotes hair growth, be careful not to apply it anywhere other than your eyelashes or lash line.

Apply serum each day as part of your beauty regime. Allow at least 6 weeks for results. This 14ml tube is 3 months serum supply.