At Superlings, we love our customers and want to reach out to even more. With your help, you can earn a 8% commission on every sale you bring to Superlings. We have a few different options, depending on whether you have a strong social media following or have friends and family you'd think would love our brand and products.

If you're an social media influencer, you can sign up to Amazon's Influencer portal and send targeted traffic to our beauty products' listings. So, if you have 10,000 or more followers on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, then click through and sign up today and use our Superlings Eyelash Growth Serum product with your unique code to promote the listing.

Expected sales for you:

10,000 followers -> 8% commission on 20% approx conversion rate would be £400. If you have more followers, even better, or a more captive audience, such as women aged 20-40 years old and are keen to see your videos/review.

Send us a message, so we can send you a free tube of serum in return for your social media postings.

All we ask is that you:

  • Don't spam
  • Stick to Amazon's rules
  • Be genuine
  • Use hashtags correctly*
  • Be kind, real, truthful and a Superling

*The hashtags we recommend you use are: