Fresh, Clean Water Supplied to Haiti

Causing $8bn of damage and 300,000 deaths, the 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti in early 2010 is still causing pain and suffering throughout the country. Without sanitation and clean water, our ecological partners are delivering 250m litres of water to more than 2,580 families.

This project is something here at Superlings we are so proud of, to be able to help rebuild and maintain, albeit a different life for Haitians.

With Hydraid water filters, households all over Haiti are able to have a 10 year lifespan of safe, simple and effective water supply. Up to 99% of waterborne pathogens are removed from 'centuries-old slow sand technology.

Having a safe water supply also means fewer school children absent, few workers not being able to be at their jobs and less stress on medical supplies and care (and expenses!) This can go a little way to help poor health, extreme poverty and reduces the need to boil water (therefore increased CO2 emissions) from burning wood.

The Gold Standard project combines carbon finance and long term community benefits with the accountability and rigour of a verified Gold Standard carbon project.