Offset Carbon: Istanbul Landfill Gas Extraction

Located just a few miles out of Istanbul’s CBD, the landfill gas extraction plant produces 65 mega-watts of electricity, paving way for more than 1.2 million homes to be powered. We back this project at Superlings through Offset Earth.

The landfill project captures and converts methane, the waste gas, from landfill sites and use it to power turbines that form Turkey’s national grid. Methane, is one of the greenhouse gases, but is 32x more potent than CO2 so it’s even more vital to reduce this from entering our atmosphere.

To give a figure in terms of CO2, its equivalent to around 1.5m tonnes of CO2 that is prevented from harming our planet’s atmosphere and is protected, certified and monitored to the Gold Standard - the highest standard possible.

This is the first project that we backed in May 2020. The second is the rewilding of the Amazonian rainforest in Peru.